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Quality Assurance

Quality Management System

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant has a quality management system which was created according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1 international standards. The accordance and effectiveness of this quality control system is certified by authoritative international organizations.

The Plant’s strategy for quality control is oriented towards satisfying its customers’ requirements and establishing trust in the Plant’s products. This can only be achieved by strictly adhering to the requirements of the metallurgical industry. The main tasks of the quality control system are respecting the requirements of international standards and constantly improving production; this will enable us to emerge on the international market with competitive products.

High-quality raw materials

The Plant carries out strict internal controls which prevent the use of inappropriate raw materials

Technological processes

The Plant’s production technology is implemented by high-quality specialists based upon their rich experience and knowledge of modern practices.

Control systems

Controlling mechanisms work at every stage of production

A qualified workforce

The Plant implements systems for the selection of qualified personnel and professional training, thus ensuring a high level of individual competencies

An advanced laboratory

Checking and controlling production is carried out in a laboratory equipped with modern equipment where the characteristics and qualities of the Plant’s products are tested


Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s central laboratory is responsible for all analysis and testing, which ensures that production is in accordance with the requirements of established international standards. The quality of the laboratory’s equipment and the professionalism of its staff enable the Plant to carry out the following tests:

1. Establishing mechanical characteristics
  • Testing the resistance of metals. Equipment: a 100-tonne-capacity computerized universal machine made in Taiwan and a 10-tonne-capacity machine made in Russia.
  • Establishing the impact strength of metals (Charpy impact test). Equipment: an MK-30 machine made in Russia.
  • Establishing the hardness of metals (Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests).
2. Chemical analyses
  • Full chemical analyses of metals. Equipment: an ARL-type QuantoDesk and ARL 3460 spectrometers made in Switzerland.
  • Classic chemical analysis of pig iron.
  • Classic chemical analysis of ferro-alloys.
  • Spectral analysis of all kinds of ferro-alloys including ores and slags. Equipment: an ELEMA-10 laser micro-spectral analyzer made in Germany.
3. Metallographic analysis of steel and pig iron
  • Macro-structural analyses.
  • Micro-structural analyses. Equipment: a NEOFOT microscope made in Germany.  

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Address: 12 Gagarini Str., 3700 Rustavi, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 260 66 99, +995 32 249 22 33 

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Address: 12 Gagarini Str., 3700 Rustavi, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 260 66 99, +995 32 249 22 33