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The company's policy mainly rests upon its employees. The main priority of Rustavi Metallurgical Plant's strategy is therefore the proper management of human resources and the implementation of an effective human resources policy.

The Plant currently employs around 1,700 people. The motivation of employees, their training and professional development, affording them proper work conditions and developing their discipline and devotion to the company are important and defining factors for the Plant to achieve its aims.

The company is implementing its human resources policy according to modern methods and standards of human resources management and according to internal work regulations. The latter define issues concerning the regulation of labour relations, the selection of personnel, the training and professional development of employees, salaries and incentives, health and safety in the workplace and other issues concerning the management of human resources.

The Plant is also implementing modern procedures for the selection of personnel which encompass the identification, the evaluation, the definition and the placement of candidates. Internal as well as external candidates are considered during selection. The final evaluation of candidates is based upon the requirements of individual vacancies, professional qualifications and knowledge, work experience and professional and technical skills.

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant pays great attention to the development of its employees' professional knowledge and skills. The main goals of measures taken to ensure this development are:
  • The development of employee knowledge, competence and skill in order to ensure the qualitative implementation of the company's business plans;
  • The formation of attitudes towards the development of education and exchange processes in order to assist the internal improvement of the company's business processes, the training and self-improvement of employees in conditions offering multiple possibilities for development.

The effectiveness of the training process and its influence upon the professional results employees achieve will be evaluated by the employees themselves, their direct supervisors and the company's management with the help of an employee training centre.

It should be noted that experienced employees are involved in the training and professional development of the Plant's personnel. Thanks to their experience, the Plant's management can implement projects for training young professionals, and in this sense learning alternative, secondary and tertiary skills is very important for the Plant's employees. Metallurgy has many professions which have by now fallen into disuse and been forgotten, and the main priority of the Plant's human resources policy is to revive such professions and ensure knowledge is transmitted to the next generation. The Plant seeks to do this thanks to its experience and the high quality of its staff.

 Because of the Plant's profile, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards is extremely important. With this in mind, the Plant's production processes are carried out according to strict health and safety standards and norms. The safety of employees, the provision of healthy working conditions and workplace safety standards and norms are met during the production processes. Measures for the prevention of trauma and professional illness are carried out daily, as are programmes for teaching employees health and safety standards and for monitoring compliance with the latter.

 The Plant's management has introduced a new employee health insurance programme which covers every member of staff. A new medical centre has been opened in the Plant where all its employees can benefit from health insurance coverage and from high-quality, affordable medical treatment and consultation.

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Address: 12 Gagarini Str., 3700 Rustavi, Georgia
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