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Company News / Internetional Conference “Innovative Technologies in Metallurgy and Materials Science”

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant took part in the International Conference “Innovative Technologies in Metallurgy and Materials Science”.

Conference was dedicated to Sergo (Seiran) Mazmishvili's 80th anniversary and was organized by the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of the Georgian Technical University and Georgian Foundrymen and Materials Scientists Society.

The meeting was created an environment for in-depth, informed discussions highlighting the importance of metallurgy and material engineering in the industry and academia. There was also wide space for oral and poster contributions to allow established colleagues to discuss their latest results and achievements.

The most important topics, that was actively discussed at the conference was Nanotechnologies in metallurgy and chemistry, ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, welding, materials science,thermal and pressure processing of metals, foundry technology of metals, precision and composite materials, physical chemistry in metallurgy and materials science.

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant would like to thank the organizers. Our Company always welcomes such initiatives and takes parts in such projects whose aim is to develop and strengthen of industry.